Update January 2016

I see Sensing Murder has been resurrected.

How quaint that despite the intervening years proving the psychics 100% incorrect and not a single criminal has been apprehended, people still watch this shit.

These pages are archives of the expose on Sensing Murder the first time around:

Among the continual anonymous replies I get from people who think I'm being mean to psychics, I received this gem this morning:

I can only laugh when I read the "facts"that this
web site has scribed. I understand so many people who
are mentally disturbed will chanel the negative. It is
up to people such as genuine psychics to keep the
faith and do our work.
I myself used to work for Today
Tonight so I am very aware of the editing techniques used
and brief that the "journalist" would have been

As usual, the writer is clearly barely literate, and raises the standard idiotic line that I'm a big meanie and "real psychics" will doing their good work.

Yet, after all these years, there has still never been one useful lead provided by the psychics.

Then we have the dismissal of the evidence provided by the family of Jayne Furlong. No editing techniques were used, let alone required. This is the family of the victim, not some moron who thinks psychics are real.

So, the anonymous writer used to work on a TV program and seems to think that gives some kind of legitimacy to his/her insane views? My bet is the job was cleaner.


Update July 2012

The body of murder victim Jayne Furlong has been found. Jayne was the subject of a Sensing Murder episode, and her family have been in touch with me since the program aired.

They are victims of the sensationalist bullshit that program propagated, and they now have closure, no thanks to the idiot "psychics" who maintained that her body was in Auckland.

Her remains were found at Port Waikato,  well over 100km from Auckland, and instead of being found under a building site, she had actually ended up buried in sand at a beach. The "psychics" could not have been more wrong.

I reiterate that Sensing Murder had already shown that it was made up of lies, guesses and scanning existing media when the family pointed out that the psychics stated that Jayne has red hair.

She didn't.

They clearly got that misinformation from a TVNZ Close Up program which made the same mistake.

Sensing Bullshit is now double-exposed in the case of Jayne Furlong.

Anyone who believes anything that happened on that program was the result of anything supernatural or paranormal is an idiot.


Update March 2010.

It's always easy to tell when Sensing Murder starts on TV - all of a sudden, visitor numbers shoot up!

Lovely to see you all again....

What's that, the psychics still haven't found a murderer?

Not after all these years?

No matter, just keep believing, keep paying out money to ring a psychic on the phone, or attend one of their sessions where they put on a cold-reading act so amateurish that only the truly deluded would believe a word of it.

Keep watching!

One note I will make it that there is no doubt that the strenuous opposition to the bullshit purveyed by SM has made it unsaleable.


Update November 2011

Yes, I've been very lax at putting up feedback, etc, but most of it's just too boring to bother with. Today, however, I have received a most interesting and enjoyable e mail from Kirsty Mcintosh of Perth, WA. Her email and my response is here.

Update: October 2009.

Need I say more than "Aisling"?

The events surrounding TVNZ and its portrayal of Deb Webber as being worth as much as a tin of festering shit to a pair of parents whose child is missing is the most repugnant piece of TV in NZ history.

I trust all the supporters of Sensing Murder are happy with what's going on, because it is your continued support of the absurd idea that psychics can solve crimes is to blame.

By watching SM, you pander to their fraud and pay for the advertising which makes the program hot property.

Instead of deluding yourselves into believing this putrid bullshit, why don't you check some facts about the real impact of TV psychics on families.

Then think about the Police time wasted in following up leads from fraudulent or deluded scum because it could be a murderer pretending to be psychic.

Then look yourself in the eye.

The original SM pages follow, it's not as though anything has changed since they were written - psychics are still scum, and their score of crimes solved or aided is still 0.

And the Sensing Murder con continues to roll, with a third series just in time for all the airheads who watch it to catch another round of New Zealand's favourite program.

These pages were started as a counter to Sensing Murder's second series, so we're all looking forward to taking up arms once again in the ongoing battle against stupid. I realise that I don't endear myself to people by starting off labelling them as stupid, but it's not possible for me to see it any other way.

Thinking psychics are able to solve murder cases is absurd. The series is nothing more than a cynical exploitation. The premise of psychics themselves is lamentable in an age where we have a robot driving around Mars, but Sensing Murder goes several steps further, using and abusing the memories and hopes of loved ones.

Normal media are starting to wake up to the phenomenon, with Eating Media Lunch borrowing our title for their episode on Sensing Murder and North & South magazine looking at the program in the forthcoming August 2008 issue.

The producers of this program, Ninox TV have long since refused to respond to our e mails and letters, beyond a single public response, which we are happy to completely deconstruct. They know that they have been found out at playing fast and loose with the facts and are trying hard to hide it..

In this series, we will look at the results of psychic predictions and wonder why anyone would believe such a thing exists. To date, there is no evidence whatsoever that psychics have any basis in fact, or that tv "reality" shows have any basis in reality.

We have support from families of victims and the NZ Police, some of whom are quite uneasy at being painted as supporters of the psychic format of the program.

If you share our distaste at the flagrant use of people's real tragedies in the name of entertainment, please e mail your concerns to us here and we will happily pass them on to Ninox.